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Paratech AcmeThread StrutDriver

A thorough walk-through of the maintenance and post incident inspection of the Paratech Rescue System Acme Thread Strut by Paratech Instructor Chris Framsted. Chris will in this video provide a guide for the general inspection of the Acme Thread struts post incident and to the general maintenance of the Paratech AcmeThread Struts.

Paratech HydraFusion Struts

Rim lift with the Paratech HydraFusion Strut explained by Paratech Instructor Nigel Letherby. Nigel is playing around in the Paratech backyard and coming up with new ideas to make your rescues safer, in this video a safe and fast way to make a rim lift with the Paratech HydraFusion Strut.

Paratech MaxiForce Air Lifting Bags

Paratech Instructor Nigel Letherby walks you through the operation of 4 bag lifts using Paratech Maxiforce Air Lifting Bags and control equipment. Watch how to operate a “2 Point 4 Bag Lift” and a “4 Bag Daisy Chain.”

Paratech MultiForce Air Lifting Bag Kit

Learn how to extricate a victim trapped under a passenger car in an under-ride using the Paratech Multiforce Air Lifting Bag with Paratech Trainer Nigel Letherby.

Paratech Rescue Air Cushions

A step by step introduction to a 2 cushion lift with the Paratech Rescue Air Cushions by Paratech Instructor Robert O’Donald. Robert gives a step by step instruction in how to use the Paratech Rescue Air Cushions using the example of a container – it could be any other similar object, a bus, a trailer etc.

Paratech Safety Coupling

Partech Instructor James Kolaczkowski gives a through introduction to the Paratech Safety coupling. In this video James touches on the functionality of the Paratech Vented Safety coupling, walks through the options of field replacement and replacing 1st generation couplings.

Paratech Vehicle Stabilization Kit

Learn Vehicle Stabilization with Paratech Instructor Nigel Letherby. Nigel uses the Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit’s AcmeThread Strut System to stabilize a passenger car on its side.

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