Ron Zawlocki, Michigan Urban Search and Rescue Training Foundation and author of Trench Rescue 3rd EditionRon Zawlocki of the Michigan Urban Search and Rescue Training Foundation and author of Trench Rescue 3rd Edition (Facebook Page) is joined by Craig Dashner, Professional Engineer and co-author of Trench Rescue 3rd Edition in hosting this webinar on advanced techniques in trench rescue. Ron and Craig present the basics of soil mechanics, and a rapid and accurate method for first responders to determine lateral soil forces and use tabulated data that (for the first time) is designed for the dynamic soil conditions that rescuers are confronted with at trench collapse incidents. Learn to use the “T-L Method” to determine worst case lateral soil forces and selecting appropriate shoring equipment from the tabulated data charts designed specifically for unstable and dynamic soil conditions. This content is suitable for anyone responsible for the installation of emergency shoring systems at trench incidents.

Previously Recorded: January 12, 2021

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