About the Kit

This multipurpose kit is designed to handle numerous functions in ARFF. includes a cutting bit designed to cut aircraft windshields and canopies, a cutting bit to cut sheet metal, a plug driver bit and neoprene plugs for leak sealing, piercing nozzle that can penetrate the GLARE composite skin as well as, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

The 14″ Piercing nozzle can flow water or chemical firefighting agents like foam etc. to help put out fires.

This Grab and Go kit also includes the Paratech Pakhammer, designed to use with a limited air supply, uses less air and hits harder than any other tool of its kind and can go much longer before an air change is needed. Other pieces of equipment in this versatile kit are an adjustable regulator that can operate the tool at a range of 40 psi to 200 psi.

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ARFF Grab and Go Kit Includes:

  • 22-550500G2 Pakhammer, with Inline Oiler(1)
  • 22-895400G2 Pressure Regulator 5,500-0 psi / 379.2-0 bar (1)
  • 22-890547 Air Hose 3/8 in / 9.5 mm dia. x 8 ft / 10 m YELLOW (1)
  • 22-550251 Piercing Bit 1 22-550584 Heavy Duty Metal Cutter Tool Bit, (1)
  • 22-550273 Panel Cutter w/Relief for Aircraft Windows Tool Bit (1)
  • 22-550291 Oil, lubricating, 4 oz / 124 g (1)
  • 22-550094 Hex key 7/32 in / 0.6 cm 1 22-550099 Hex key 3/16 in / 0.5 cm (1)
  • 22-550379 Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case 14″H x 34″L (1)
  • 22-550246 Neoprene Plug 4 in / 10.2 cm 2 3/4 in-1.5 in / 1.9-3.8 cm Diameter (2)
  • 22-550598 Plug Driver (1)
  • 22-550330 Coupling (1)
  • 22-550380A Tool Bit Pouch (1)

Reference ARFF Grab and Go Kit (22-550ARFF)